Mein Kampf: A Translation Controversy

This Free eBook reveals the errors and omissions in past translations of Mein Kampf. Find out how past translations altered text, changed passages, omitted certain passages, and even edited out some of Hitler's sarcastic wit. Download your free copy now. and take the Mein Kampf challenge: Compare any passage in the Ford Translation to any other translation and decide for yourself which is the most accurate, most true to Hitler's original words and easiest to read! You will see why the Ford Translation is the most recommended version.

Mein Kampf: The Ford Translation

Mein Kampf: The Ford Translation Audiobook

Various translations of Mein Kampf were produced in the 1930's to 40's but they all suffered from two big problems: They were inaccurate and they were hard to read. In 2009 a new version was released called the Ford Translation. It is a completely new translation which is the easiest to understand and the most accurate ever produced. This version is also the first available in an audio format.

A complete and unabridged version of the Ford Translation of Mein Kampf in an audio format. Listen using any audio MP3 player or your computer or phone.

Mein Kampf: The College And University Edition Of The Ford Translation

This academic study edition  was specially prepared for use in higher level history courses. This edition contains the complete Ford translation plus an introductory section to assist teachers in using the book. including sample questions to pose to students. The cover  ihas been replaced with a more  appropriate and low-profile design  for carrying around campus.  Contact your campus bookstore and request ISBN13: 978-0-9845361-4-6  or ISBN10:  0-9845361-4-0. They should be able to obtain it from any of their major suppliers.

Dissecting The Hitler Mind

Sex – Violent Childhood – Fear –

Fits of Rage – Belief in Destiny


Sex – Violent Childhood – Fear – Fits of Rage – Belief in Destiny. They all played a part in creating the personality of Adolf Hitler. What secrets were in Hitler’s life? Psychoanalysis has proven that a person’s adult life is determined by their childhood. This is the method used to reverse-engineer Hitler in this professional psychological analysis. It looks at his adult life and determines what led him to be the person he became. It reveals many previously unknown characteristics plus it made predictions, many of which came true. Includes pdf of the book and almost 7 hours of audio.


German Language Mein Kampf With Dust Jacket Similiar To Original 1943 Edition

Official Nazi German Language Edition -- This book is written in the German Language.


This is the original German language version of Mein Kampf. It is presented here for those who wish to compare the original text to the English translations and for study of the original work itself. This book has been reproduced based on an original 1943 edition printed by the Nazi printing office, Eher Verlag.


The cover also simulates the original cover just like the ones purchased by millions of Germans. The book is a blue cloth-like hard-cover with gold lettering on the spine. The dust jacket wraps around the cover to protect it and it is shown in the photo. The cover has an aged look to match the originals. This is a great collector's item or coffee table book as well as a must-have study guide for those serious about researching Hitler's writings.



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